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  • Dr. Kristen K. Schulte, PT

Does your Gift Giving Include Health & Wellness?

(And I am talking about more than that chair massager you bought off the infomercial.)

I don’t think I am alone when I say that I love giving gifts. Actually, the only reason I am okay with receiving gifts is because I know that other people like giving gifts just as much as I do. I meet monthly with my 4th grade Lunch Buddy, and at our last lunch, I listened as she told me all about the crafts that she was making each of her family members. It was November, and she felt like she hadn’t started making her gifts soon enough due to the detail she wanted to put into each gift. It was as if I was hearing my younger self talk because I LOVED making gifts for my family members (and judging by the fact that I hand-knitted 7 Christmas stockings for various family members last year, I suppose that I still do).

My Lunch Buddy and I discussed at length why we loved making gifts so much as opposed to giving them, and we concluded that there is something more personal about giving your talents. Additionally, we decided that, deep down, all we truly want for our family members is happiness, and personal hand-made gifts just tend to give people a more lasting happiness. (She is a very wise 4th grader, in case you were wondering.)

As I have gotten older, I have realized that health ranks just as high as happiness in terms of what I want for my family and friends. Thankfully, with years of education, I now have a gift that allows me to help others with their health. It’s like I get to pass out Christmas gifts every day when I walk into

work; my brain and my hands can do that now. It is as incredible as it sounds.

Are you in the same ballpark as my Lunch Buddy and me? Do you enjoy giving personal gifts and deeply wish for health and happiness for your loved ones? Ah yes…but your gifts and your career have not led you down the path of healthcare. Consider this: A gift card for physical therapy treatment at 212. We actually have those here! This means that you can actually give the gift of health and well-being by encouraging someone to take that first step—on you.

In other words, this Christmas season, let me and my talents help you give something personal to your family and friends: improved health. (Or a hand-knitted stocking for the mantle but preferably the former.)

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