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We believe in care that is:


The easiest injury to treat is one that never occurs; at every visit you will be screened & educated on areas where problems could arise.


We have never created a protocol for treatment because we have yet to see two patients with the same list of ailments or goals.


We hold adjunct faculty positions & are leaders among professional circles for sharing specialty treatments and research.

Direct Access

You will never need a physician's referral or approval from an insurance company to see us. 

We promise to do this while maintaining:

Kristen Schulte, Troy Physical Therapy 212

No Hidden Fees


Each 55-minute physical therapy evaluation or treatment session is billed at the same flat rate every time, no matter the treatment performed or equipment used. You will pay at the end of the session & will never receive after-visit bills from us or a third party.

Discretionary Visits


We love our patients, but we would rather see you out on the playing field than in our office. We do not set a number of visits for a type of condition or injury; rather, we have a conversation with you each visit & together decide if & when a follow up is needed.




...without creating lifelong patients. Our goal is to teach you to manage your symptoms on your own, but we always encourage you to reach out to us for check-ups to prevent or manage any ache, pain, stress, or strain. We will always remember you & your unique case.

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