Dr. Kristen Schulte

Physical Therapist | Founder


Dr. Schulte understands how it feels to have injury hold you back from the activities you love.  A former track and cross country athlete at Xavier University, she sustained a low back injury that was projected to end her running career.  Fortunately, she began pursuing alternatives to surgery and medication, which led to earning her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Dayton. 

With a passion for integrating holistic healthcare into traditional physical therapy, Dr. Schulte has received advanced training in spinal manipulation and osteopathic treatment of the pelvis, dry needle therapy, and running analysis. Additionally, Dr. Schulte has presented research on the effects of food-related inflammation on musculoskeletal health, integrating mindfulness practice into physical healing, and incorporating wellness initiatives into the workplace.

Dr. Schulte has a special interest in educating aspiring physical therapists and serves as adjunct faculty in the University of Dayton Doctor of Physical Therapy department.  She has enjoyed getting integrated into her Troy

community by volunteering at the Health Partners Free Clinic, as a Lunch Buddy with The Future Begins Today, and by being involved in the Kiwanis Club of Troy.  She continues to be an avid runner while also enjoying cycling, water and snow skiing.  

Jenny Anticoli

Classical Pilates Instructor

Pilates is a lifestyle for Jenny. After the birth of her second son, she found that her post-natal body bounced back more quickly with the help of consistent Pilates practice.  By continuing her practice, she was able to stay fit and uninjured while pushing her body to its limits, training for and competing in multiple Ironman Triathlon races.  Without Pilates, she feels that her body would not have been unable to endure not only the races themselves but also the training load required for competition. Jenny believes Pilates is more than just lengthening and toning and has chosen to carry throughout her everyday life the themes that are characteristic of Pilates: strengthening, stabilizing, building stamina, and stretching limits.  

Jenny has been practicing Classical Pilates for over 15 years and teaching for 11 years.  She has completed over 600 hours of training through Power Pilates, an internally respected Classical Pilates teaching program.  She continues to work with and learn from Master and Senior instructors in the industry and feels passionate about always deepening into the wealth of knowledge her mentors provide.

Jenny has enjoyed training clients from a broad spectrum of backgrounds.  From pre/post-natal moms, to athletes looking for their "edge", to those suffering from arthritis or another physical challenge, her approach allows clients to efficiently and safely achieve a healthy, elongated spine.  Jenny promotes a classical and 


systematic approach to her classes, staying closest to the original intent of Joseph Pilates while working to meet the needs of individual clients.  She is excited to share her passion for Pilates with all of her clients.



212 Hype Dog

Playful yet calm and lovable, Loki is passionate about making everyone who walks through 212's door feel happy and at ease. Hailing originally from Casstown, Ohio, Loki came to live with Dr. Schulte in May of 2020. Shortly thereafter he began his post as 212 Hype Dog. Loki has aspirations of becoming a Certified Therapy Dog and has already shown great promise with his welcoming and outgoing demeanor.

Loki's research interests include how rubbing a golden retriever's belly can help lower blood pressure and how doing a Pilates Roll Up with a 60 lb dog on the abdomen improves muscle activation. 

When Loki is not meeting patients and clients at 212, he enjoys swimming, fetching tennis balls, and going for walks around downtown Troy. 


Physical Therapist

Dr. Athena Ridgley

Doing physical therapy the “right way” is personal for Dr. Athena. While watching her mom go through an ultimately ineffective, one-size-fits-all physical therapy program for a frozen shoulder then seeing her mom thrive in a clinic that prioritized individualized care, Dr. Athena realized that she did not just want to be a physical therapist but rather a physical therapist who listens to her patients, delves into understanding their unique conditions, and personalizes their care to help them achieve their goals.


From then on, Dr. Athena directed her career path toward becoming that version of a physical therapist that she envisioned for herself: While completing her capstone in Exercise Science at Baldwin Wallace University, she successfully introduced and implemented the Exercise is Medicine on Campus, a global initiative that promotes exercise as a vital sign of health with the goal of promoting movement as a part of campus culture for sustaining lifelong physical activity habits in students. Finally, in earning her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Dayton, Dr. Athena completed capstone research in private practice marketing, and she sought out Dr. Schulte as a mentor, interning for 12 weeks at 212 for her advanced clinical rotation.

Dr. Athena specializes in manual therapy, dry needling, the McKenzie method for spinal conditions, and specialized vestibular treatment.  In her free time, 


you can find Dr. Athena running, lifting, baking, and, of course, being the best cat mom to her recently-adopted cat, Penny.