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Playful yet calm and lovable, Loki is passionate about making everyone who walks through 212's door feel happy and at ease. Hailing originally from Casstown, Ohio, Loki came to live with Dr. Schulte & Dr. Colton in May of 2020. Shortly thereafter he began his post as 212 Hype Dog. Loki has aspirations of becoming a Certified Therapy Dog and has already shown great promise with his welcoming and outgoing demeanor.

Loki's research interests include how rubbing a golden retriever's belly can help lower blood pressure and how doing a Pilates Roll Up with a 70 lb dog on the abdomen improves muscle activation. 

When Loki is not meeting patients and clients at 212, he enjoys swimming, fetching tennis balls, and going for walks around downtown Troy. 



212 Hype Dog

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