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How do we do physical therapy at 212?

Dr. Kristen Schulte Adkins founded 212 with the idea that one degree can make a big difference. This means that we pride ourselves in our attention to detail & individualized patient care.

We evaluate you as an individual, valuing your goals & using an extensive approach to develop a treatment plan together with you.  We use an integrative hands-on approach for treating any pain, injury, or imbalance. Then, we get you moving so that you can get back to doing what you love pain-free!


What do we specialize in treating at 212?

Some of the conditions in which we specialize include: low back pain, headaches, shoulder pain or impingement, sciatica, groin & hip pain, tendinitis, IT Band Syndrome, plantar fasciitis, knee injuries, whip lash, sports injuries, chronic pain, & injury prevention.

We evaluate & treat these conditions using hands-on & specialty techniques such as dry needling, manual therapy, joint mobilization, spinal manipulation, movement analysis, & exercise prescription.


What is the 212 difference?

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are direct access, meaning that you do not need a physician's referral or insurance approval to come to physical therapy.

You will work individually with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for an entire 55-minute session every visit. (That's right! No passing off patients to aids or multiple patients being seen at the same time!)


Additionally, while we can help you recover from an injury or surgery, we value preventative care that helps you avoid injury or surgery altogether!


How long will it take to feel better at 212?

While your progression & timeline for healing is unique, most of our patients report feeling better within 2 sessions & often with complete resolution & lasting results within 6 sessions. 

We typically will schedule you at most once a week because we believe that the real healing occurs when you do your prescriptive exercises at home.

We will constantly screen you for needs that may involve a resource in addition to physical therapy, in which case we will refer you onto our network of trusted professionals. 

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