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What happens after you meet your physical therapy goals?  What if you still  want to be healthier than ever before? But what if you are concerned about injuring



therapy treatments and often offer group classes on these specialized topics.

yourself again in this pursuit?  We can help! At Physical Therapy 212, we offer regular fitness classes with unprecedented care.  We focus on core and postural strength for anyone who is looking to meet a athletic or lifestyle goal. All classes are led by a doctor of physical therapy and are designed to bridge the gap between physical therapy and returning to sport/exercise so that you can learn how to properly exercise on your own. 

We have a passion for integrating holistic care into traditional physical therapy.  In particular, we value mindfulness and nutrition as ways of improving your health and decreasing physical pain. We have the tools to help our patients implement these healthy habits during individual physical 

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the next degree in fitness.