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What is Classical Pilates?

Classical Pilates is a specific approach to exercise that incorporates the principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, & flow into movements meant to support core strength & spinal health.  Its methods focus on improving overall fitness with emphasis on safely achieving a healthy, elongated spine.


What exercises are part of Classical Pilates?

Precise & mindful movements under the careful guidance of our Pilates instructor focus on improving strength, flexibility, balance, posture, & endurance. 

We offer classes on specialized Pilates equipment called Reformers available in our studio.  We also teach mat Pilates. which is a specialized sequence of exercises that can be done daily on your own at home. 


Who can benefit from Classical Pilates?

Everyone!  Classical Pilates is unique in that it is highly beneficial across the lifespan, from teenagers learning to gain control of their bodies, to high-level athletes seeking a performance edge, to expectant mothers with changing ligaments, & to older adults pursuing lifelong health.


What makes Classical Pilates unique at 212?

  We intentionally keep class sizes small with Reformer sessions offered privately or in groups of 2-3 so that our instructor can focus on clients' individual needs. Our instructor provides an initial introduction & assessment for each client to help he or she find the right fit within our Classical Pilates offerings.

Any clients with past or current injuries are first evaluated by our Doctors of Physical Therapy for possible imbalances that would impede their Pilates success.

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