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Pilates is a lifestyle for Jenny. After the birth of her second son, she found that her post-natal body bounced back more quickly with the help of consistent Pilates practice.  By continuing her practice, she was able to stay fit and uninjured while pushing her body to its limits, training for and competing in multiple Ironman Triathlon races.  Without Pilates, she feels that her body would not have been unable to endure not only the races themselves but also the training load required for competition. Jenny believes Pilates is more than just lengthening and toning and has chosen to carry throughout her everyday life the themes that are characteristic of Pilates: strengthening, stabilizing, building stamina, and stretching limits.  

Jenny has been practicing Classical Pilates for over 15 years and teaching for 11 years.  She has completed over 600 hours of training through Power Pilates, an internally respected Classical Pilates teaching program.  She continues to work with and learn from Master and Senior instructors in the industry and feels passionate about always deepening into the wealth of knowledge her mentors provide.

Jenny has enjoyed training clients from a broad spectrum of backgrounds.  From pre/post-natal moms, to athletes looking for their "edge", to those suffering from arthritis or another physical challenge, her approach allows clients to efficiently and safely achieve a healthy, elongated spine.  Jenny promotes a classical and systematic approach to her classes, staying closest to the original intent of Joseph Pilates while working to meet the needs of individual clients.  She is excited to share her passion for Pilates with all of her clients.


Jenny Anticoli

Classical Pilates Instructor

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