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  • Dr. Kristen K. Schulte, PT

The Great Reveal: Something BIG is Coming

I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat since the teaser was sent out last week. I also know my hint wasn’t that helpful…so here we are the great reveal!

Are we hiring another physical therapist? (Not yet.) Are we getting a sauna? (I wish!) Will we start doing physical therapy on dogs? (I wouldn’t be able to stop petting them in order to start PT.)

All good guesses, 212 Nation! But let’s get down to business.

In our description, we state that we specialize in “Wellness. Fitness. Physical Therapy.” Up until now, you have certainly seen Physical Therapy & Wellness, but where is the Fitness? It is now here!

For the month of October, 212 will be offering specialized fitness classes, but these aren’t just any fitness classes. You can get those anywhere, and you know by now that at 212, we take things to the next degree. These classes are aimed at those who, for whatever reason, have concerns that keep them from working out.

Are you afraid of working out? What’s your story? The most common reasons that I hear from people who have concerned with exercise are:

  1. I don’t know where to start.

  2. I am afraid I will hurt myself.

  3. I have tried before and have hurt myself.

  4. I have a history of knee/back/hip/shoulder/name-the-body-part pain.

  5. I currently have an injury to my knee/back/hip/shoulder/name-the-body-part.

I get it. We need to exercise, but pain is not always gain. Therefore, I want to offer an exercise springboard for you that will erase those trepidations. Here is how:

These classes are small. The limit is actually 5 people per class. With big classes, people get lost in the loud music and sea of highly-motivated individuals and are more likely to push themselves beyond their pain-free range.

These classes teach you how to exercise on your own. The idea is not for 212 to become a gym but to give you the tools to either join or go back to a gym or fitness studio. If you know more about your body and how to exercise within your pain-free limits, then you can begin to work out on your own in a similar manner or have the conversation with your instructor or personal trainer about your specific needs.

These classes are led by a doctor of physical therapy (me!). Rest easy because you will be in skilled hands. Before you begin the classes, you will receive a full physical therapy evaluation so that I am aware of your anatomy and specific needs. This allows me to tailor exercises to your needs and better monitor you during exercise for possible problem areas.

Was that worth the hype? We sure think so.

Give us a shout! Call for more details or to sign up through September 20! It’s time to get you back out there.

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