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Who is Dr. Athena? And why does 212 have a new Physical Therapist?

Updated: Nov 5

Dr. Athena officially joined Jenny, Loki, and myself (Dr. Schulte) as part of Team 212 in July 2021. To much of the 212 family, she was a familiar face: Dr. Athena completed her final 12-week clinical rotation under Dr. Schulte in Spring of 2021. However, for those who do not know her, I am here to better introduce her and to dispel any myths:

Fact: Dr. Athena received her doctorate from the University of Dayton. This is the same exact school where I received my DPT education! If you know me, you know that I frequently tout that UD is the best PT school, but in all seriousness, I really do believe that their program’s emphasis on orthopedics, manual therapy, and problem-solving skills sets their DPT graduates apart. Fun fact: I am adjunct faculty at UD and actually met Dr. Athena when she was one of my students!

Myth: Dr. Athena is Dr. Schulte’s “assistant”. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. As a DPT, Dr. Athena has the same exact degree and education as me (7 years!). I manage Dr. Athena (just as in any employer/employee relationship), and while she represents everything that “the next degree” stands for in terms of unmatched quality of care and attention to detail, she practices and makes clinical decisions independently. Dr. Athena was trained under me prior to receiving her DPT, so many of our patients report that we treat similarly and sometimes even use the same phrases 😊.

Fact: Dr. Athena has specialties apart from Dr. Schulte. Dr. Athena has clinical experience and advanced training in a couple of fields that really round out our specialty offerings at 212. One of these fields is vestibular therapy (inner ear, dizziness, vertigo, balance, etc). This is a field that I have a HUGE appreciation for because it can greatly impact a person’s quality of life, but in my long wish list of continuing education, I have not completed advanced training in vestibular therapy. Dr. Athena has! I am so excited to not have to turn away complicated vestibular cases from 212 anymore. Another special passion Dr. Athena has is for pediatrics. Kiddos under middle school age are now enjoying the passion Dr. Athena has for playing games and making physical therapy FUN.

Myth: Dr. Schulte no longer owns 212. This is one of the most hilarious questions that we have received (thankfully just twice). Hi! I am Dr. Schulte, and have been for 4 years and continue to be the sole owner of Physical Therapy 212. I still evaluate and treat patients with most of my time, but hiring Dr. Athena has also allowed me to spend a little more time creating exciting new plans for 212 (more to come on that soon). I hired Dr. Athena not only because she really impressed me during her final rotation, but also because there was not enough “Dr. Schulte” to go around. I believe so passionately in my model for physical therapy. I want to help as many people as possible locally discover that physical therapy really can help them get better faster and achieve their goals. One of my patients once gave me the sage advice, “You can only help a finite amount of people by helping them directly, but you can impact people exponentially by training others to do what you do.”

Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Dr. Athena, and let her help you take your health to the next degree.

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