Dr. Kristen Schult Adkins Physical Therapist Doctor

Doing physical therapy the “right way” is personal for Dr. Athena. While watching her mom go through an ultimately ineffective, one-size-fits-all physical therapy program for a frozen shoulder then seeing her mom thrive in a clinic that prioritized individualized care, Dr. Athena realized that she did not just want to be a physical therapist but rather a physical therapist who listens to her patients, delves into understanding their unique conditions, and personalizes their care to help them achieve their goals.


From then on, Dr. Athena directed her career path toward becoming that version of a physical therapist that she envisioned for herself: While completing her capstone in Exercise Science at Baldwin Wallace University, she successfully introduced and implemented the Exercise is Medicine on Campus, a global initiative that promotes exercise as a vital sign of health with the goal of promoting movement as a part of campus culture for sustaining lifelong physical activity habits in students. Finally, in earning her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Dayton, Dr. Athena completed capstone research in private practice marketing, and she sought out Dr. Schulte as a mentor, interning for 12 weeks at 212 for her advanced clinical rotation.

Dr. Athena specializes in manual therapy, dry needling, the McKenzie method for spinal conditions, and specialized vestibular treatment.  In her free time, you can find Dr. Athena running, lifting, baking, and, of course, being the best cat mom to her recently-adopted cat, Penny. 

Dr. Athena Ridgley

Physical Therapist